I’m Kartheeban Volunteer Version 3.0

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Dear friends,

I’m back to India after attending 4 days of volunteering conference in Washington DC. Happy to be back in my and our mother land! 

From June-16, the day I boarded my flight to Washington DC till June-26 when I landed back in Bangalore, these 10 days was a huge learning experience fo...

Story of a Little Kid who do not know the spelling of ‘AMERICA’

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This was a story happened in 1992. That is almost two decade before.

There was an 8 year old little kid from a small town called Arni in Tiruvannamalai Dt, Tamilnadu State, India who wrote the spelling of ‘AMERICA’ wrongly in a Spelling test that is conducted in his primary school.

Years rolled by. 21...

Dad is God too

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I never thought that I will be writing this blog post so soon. Exactly before 20 months back, that is on Sep-14, 2011, my mom passed away. That’s when I had written a blog post titled “Mom is God”.

20 months later, on May 2, 2013, my dad passed away due to Cardiac arrest. He was free from any evident...

Mom who ran 6Kms

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I wish to share about an interesting family that I met during my Volunteering trip to Ooty (If you are not aware of my volunteering Ooty trip, check this blog post).. Meet Mrs. Viji and her mother Bommai . Viji is staying with her only daughter Priya and her mother In Ithalar, Niligiri dt. Her ...

Give Peace a Chance – 9/11

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Dear friends,

This post is delayed by 2 years. But, decided that I should post this on one of the Sep-11th. And time has come to post this article.

2 years back (That is in 2010), I got an opportunity to go to US to ring the NADAQ bell. It was a one week trip.

Actually, I got only 1 full day to roam ar...

Ooty2013-Making dreams come true

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Dear friends,

After joining an IT Company in 2006, I never took any vacation leave till 2012. Though my company policies allow me to take vacation every year, I never availed those leaves simply because I didn’t know what to do after taking vacation . So, in my past 6 years of work, I have ...

I met Dr.Kalam for the 3rd time!

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Three volunteers from Team Everest met Dr.AbdulKalam on Oct-07, 2009. This is my third meet with him

Our First meet happened at Pollachi, where I shared his photograph with 100 other people.

Second time, I met him in at Raj Bhavan in Chennai by midnight 12.00AM. This time, I took a photo standing just...

Mom is God

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Hello friends,

Thanks to everyone who gave me strength and prayed for my family when my mom passed away on Sep-14th. Your presence, phone calls and msg’s helped me overcome what have happened.

My mom is my biggest inspiration and I’m sure I will make her proud with the value which she had taught me du...

I'm a Volunteer!

11.04.13 02:20 AM By Kartheeban Chandramohan - Comment(s)

First of all, I would like to thank each and every volunteer for the selfless service they provided for the past 6 years through team Everest.

Happy to share that I got ‘ivolunteer Hero -2012’ award organized by an NGO called ivolunteer. The motive behind this award ceremony is to celebrate, reward a...

Happy Independence Dayssssssssss

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Dear Friends,

INDIA – A beautiful country with beautiful people. We all know how our elders fought for the freedom of our country. We knew their sacrifices. It is not so easy to sacrifice one’s life for a cause. I believe all those who gave their lives for the well being of others are equally respect...

Mistakes are your lessons

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Hi friends,

I wrote this post 2 years back (In 2008). I wonder, how I forgot to publish it in blog.I’m publishing the content now without making any changes to the write up I made 2 years back. It will be a little philosophical post. But, I realize the importance of mistakes in our life and hence wan...

My fulfilled silly desires @ US

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Dear friends,

As promised, I’m listing down the silly desires which I fulfilled in New York:

1) Many asked about my childhood role model, which I mentioned in my mail before I leave India. It is none other than Abraham Lincoln. I still remember the story of Lincoln, where he walks 6 miles to borr...

Marriage with a difference

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I think, its marriage season now. I’m getting at least 3 marriage invitations every week. Few are my good friends and many are those who know me through Everest. It’s interesting to get invitation from those whom I have never met. Thanks to all those who invited me for their marriage. Unfortunately,...


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Terrorism is not new to India and to this world. If the blood wetted this land during each terror attack is not cleaned, this world would have been floating in blood long back!

Now, world has seen one of the world’s ever worst terrorist attacks last week. With terrorists in their duties (!!!), more t...

Oh! What a beautiful India!!!

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Wrote this blog post on Aug-13, 2008

Hi friends,

Last week, I was reading a book, in which a beautiful poem about India, written by an 8th standard student was published. I thought of giving my Independence Day wishes to u all by sharing the poem. Here it is…

Punjab for Fighting; Bengal for Writi...