Mistakes are your lessons

10.04.13 10:42 PM By Kartheeban Chandramohan

Hi friends,

I wrote this post 2 years back (In 2008). I wonder, how I forgot to publish it in blog.I’m publishing the content now without making any changes to the write up I made 2 years back. It will be a little philosophical post. But, I realize the importance of mistakes in our life and hence wanted to make a post on it.

Here you go…

Mistakes are nothing but your lessons yet to learn!. I always love to have the chance of new mistake so that I can learn from it and make myself perfect the next time. A person who never commit or the one who never correct his mistakes have less chance to succeed in his life.

I don’t know why people here hate mistakes. Are they not aware that only mistakes gives real time lessons???

Just think how many times you have fallen down while learning to walk. You cannot learn to walk without falling down. Since you have fallen many times and corrected your mistakes every time, you walk properly now. Just think how often we fall nowadays??? Rarely right??? So, what can we infer from this example??? Hope you could understand – Correction of our mistakes today, make us perfect the other day!!!

When I read alphabets as A, B, C, D, F, E, G, my teacher pointed out my mistake and corrected me that the letter ‘E’ comes in between ‘D’ and ’F’ . After that I never read alphabets in the wrong order.

My teacher circled with red ink when I wrote 2 multiplied by 3 is 5 and told 2 multiplied by 3 is 6. I learnt from my mistake and now if someone even wakes me up from sleep and asks what 2 multiplied by 3 is, I will answer it is 6. I might have told it as 5 if my teacher hasn’t corrected me or if I didn’t correct it from my mistake.

When my teacher corrected me that group of humans should be called ‘People’ and not ‘peoples’, I never wrote ‘peoples’ even once till now and will never do that in future too.

When I was to my friend’s new home for the first time, I took the wrong path and my friend corrected me. After that, I never made that wrong path again.

Mistakes are actually lessons which help us to become successful. That’s why I suggest renaming the word ‘Mistake’ with ‘Lesson’ in our life.

Most of us, forget that mistakes are lessons and feel bad about it when committed. Why do you feel, when you get 10 bugs in your program? Sit and fix those bugs so that you won’t come across similar bugs the next time when you code.

If someone point out our mistakes, be happy that those mistakes will help us grow better in our life. Listen to what our enemy says, as they point out many mistakes what we make. Let’s welcome mistakes like we welcome New Year. Mistakes will give us a lot of opportunities to grow faster and faster in the upcoming days.

Don’t mistake the mistake. They are actually lessons. Make the mistake, mistake you!!!