07.04.13 04:15 PM By Kartheeban Chandramohan

Terrorism is not new to India and to this world. If the blood wetted this land during each terror attack is not cleaned, this world would have been floating in blood long back!

Now, world has seen one of the world’s ever worst terrorist attacks last week. With terrorists in their duties (!!!), more than 200 killed and 350+ got injured. It was the hot topic in all Medias last week (even now).

Everyone blamed the poor Indian security, the rich politicians and the coward terrorists. After the attack we lost 16 of our life saving GODS. (After seeing this attack, do you still call them as NSG or army or police or what so ever???)

There was lot of angry voices to tighten security in India. Political parties played their part as usual. But, something was running in my mind. Does securing our self is all what we can do now?? If we are secure enough, terrorists will start attacking China or Bangladesh or some other parts of this world. It is the same people but of different nationality is going to be killed. It’s the same blood which is going to wet this land.

Does it mean that we should not tighten our security?? No. What I want to tell is, just tightening our security is not enough. Something extra needs to be done to overcome terrorism.

Shall we go ahead and start killing terrorists across the globe??? Yes, you can. But at the end, you might have killed all Terrorists in this world, but not Terrorism. When you believe only one more terrorist is left alive in this world, there would have been thousands of terrorists trained and got spread across this world.

So, what is the solution? – Kill terrorism, ……..not terrorists!!!

Instead of preventing the enemy from attacking us, let us prevent an enemy being created!!

Just increasing security and killing terrorists may give you a temporary solution. But, killing terrorism will be the real and final solution for all terrorist attacks.

How can we kill terrorism? By killing all terrorist? No!!! We can kill terrorism only by not allowing anyone to become a terrorist!! How can we do that?

By ‘Love’ and ‘Value based Educational system’!!!

Love is the most powerful weapon this world has ever seen! A person with a lovable mother/father cannot be a terrorist at any cost! Their parent’s love would have already planted the seeds of kindness in one’s heart and there is no place for terrorism to spread its roots!

Let us start loving each other. It is the humanity in people which keeps people still alive in this world. Else, the words ‘People’, ‘Humans’ would have been added in history and queued next to ‘Dinosaurs’.

And, there are humans who turned to be terrorists because of the surrounding circumstances. We can name them as ‘Situational terrorist’. What can prevent them from becoming a situational terrorist is nothing but the ‘Value based educational system’. I have a personal feeling that today’s educational system is concentrating more on academics, neglecting the feed of moral values to the students.

A good educational system will not create Engineers and Doctors. It will create Honest, sincere, ethical Engineers and doctors!!!

We should start preaching good moral values to others. We should start doing it right from our home. You might have seen in many houses, when a kid falls hitting a chair when it tries to walk, many parents will go and start beating the chair to convince the child and to stop its cry. This is where we start sowing the seeds of terrorism in that child’s heart. The best response would be, to kiss the child, hug it and tell him to be careful next time. You can question me like the child is very immature to understand this. But, I may in turn question you, “if a child is matured enough to understand when you beat a chair, why cannot it understand your kisses and hugs?? “.

Just preaching others is not enough. We should start following it!!! You being a lion, cannot ask the tiger to be a vegetarian! Practice and preach!

The way you react to a situation matters a lot!! Your attitude determines your reaction!! So, have the right attitude!!!

To reach a stage of ‘Zero Terrorism’, everyone needs to play their role. You cannot just ask the politicians or the army to ensure the countries safety. You need to be socially responsible. Just like you being a good son/daughter to your father/mother, just like how sincere you are to your boss, Be a good citizen to your country!

You may ask whether ‘Zero Terrorism’ is possible. Why not? When a BAD can be taught easily to someone, a GOOD can be taught much more easily to others. Believe first. If faith is there, then you have won half the battle!

So, what can you do now?? How you can help this society kill Terrorism?? Simple.

Love all. Follow and preach moral values. Your great love and good values will certify this world as a ‘Zero Terrorism place’

Let us make the word ‘Terrorism’ available only in dictionary!

P.S: ‘Killing Terrorism’ will be a real tribute to those ‘Life savers’ who lost their lives during the attack and not a simple royal salute!

P.S.S: I just wrote what I felt. It is straight from my heart. I’m not an anti-terrorism expert. But a simple creature in this world who want to live in a peaceful world! This post is dedicated to all those who wants peace in this world!