Happy Independence Dayssssssssss

10.04.13 10:44 PM By Kartheeban Chandramohan

Dear Friends,

INDIA – A beautiful country with beautiful people. We all know how our elders fought for the freedom of our country. We knew their sacrifices. It is not so easy to sacrifice one’s life for a cause. I believe all those who gave their lives for the well being of others are equally respected as God. Let it be our freedom fighters or the soldiers who fought against terrorist during our 26/11 Mumbai attack.

Even after so many years of our freedom, many are still fighting for good water, good air, good politicians, good teachers, good Govt officers etc. There is a huge roar happening in our country against corruption. When life is very dynamic, we face so many problems. To overcome these problems, we start fighting against the problems.

For a woman whose husband is Drunkard, the day when her husband quits drinking is the Independence Day.

For a poor person, the day when he/she is treated with dignity is the Independence Day.

For the sick, the day when his disease is cured is her Independence Day.

For a mother who lost her kid, the day when she finds her kid back is her Independence Day.

For a child without parents, the day when he/she finds a true relationship is the Child’s Independence Day.

For a granny in an old age home, the day when her kids come back to see her is her Independence Day.

For a student who has no money to pay his fees, the day when he finds his donor can be his Independence Day. (Free quality education to all will be a bigger Independence Day to many!)

For a farmer, the day it rains wetting the land after many months is the Independence Day.

For a Green lover, the day when no one cuts a tree is the Independence Day.

For a Corruption fighter, the day when no one corrupts, accept or give bribe is the Independence Day.

Everyone have their own Independence days.

Aug-15, 1947 is our first Independence Day that we celebrated as a country. Let us remember all our freedom fighters and salute them for their bravery.

Also, let us celebrate our individual Independence Day throughout our lives.

The moment you are out of a problem, you feel relaxed. You feel free. You get the freedom you want. Let us celebrate this freedom too.

Let us all be happy with what we have and strive to get more which we and our fellow-beings deserve.

Happy Independence Daysssssssss to all.