Marriage with a difference

07.04.13 04:35 PM By Kartheeban Chandramohan

I think, its marriage season now. I’m getting at least 3 marriage invitations every week. Few are my good friends and many are those who know me through Everest. It’s interesting to get invitation from those whom I have never met. Thanks to all those who invited me for their marriage. Unfortunately, I was able to attend only 1 marriage out of the 22 invitations I got in past 2 months. I wish them all a happy married life.  

The purpose of this post is different. Once I came across in a newspaper that a guy had arranged for a blood donation campaign during his marriage at the marriage hall itself. The plan is to create awareness about blood donation in that rural village and make people donate blood. On his marriage, more than 50 people contributed blood!!!  

Now, those who are planning for marriages can include some social activities as part of their marriage. Here are few tips from me:  

1. Arrange a blood donation campaign during your marriage.  

2. Bring few orphanage kids to your marriage and provide them food.  

3. If you bring senior citizens from any old age home and provide them food, besides their smiles, you will get their blessings too.  

4. You can help any school on the special occasion.  

5. If you feel the above points are bit tough, you can at least print about ‘India Vision2020′ in your marriage invitation. Else, you can take a simple print out of ‘India Vision2020′ and distribute it along with your marriage invitation or you can even distribute it on the function as a Thank you card.  

6. Last but not the least- Print some inspirational quote in the invitation. It will give positive energy to those who read.  

You can come out with more ideas on what you want to do during your marriage.  

The reason why I want to do something good during marriage and spread something good through marriage invitation is that, it will reach out to a large no of audience across different geographical locations.  

When I was telling this idea to one of my friends, she told me how can we break the regular traditions and do all these things? All what we call traditions now are once initiated by someone else. Every time, we always wish to be a follower and not an initiator. If we initiate this now, soon it will become a tradition and lot of good things will happen in this world.  

I will be happy if at least one person who read this post implement it in action!!!