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About Me

I am Karthee Vidya & I Love Volunteering. Having studied in both rural and urban school, the difference in quality of education made me to start a Non Profit organization called ‘Team Everest’ in 2006 when I finished my engineering and joined a IT Job.

After 8 years of working in IT Sector, I quit my high paying job on Dec 31, 2014 to work full time in Social sector to promote Volunteering in India.

Building a team of 15,000 volunteers, working with 50+ corporates, I spend all my time to promote volunteering.

I have a dream where every Indian volunteer at least once a month. And, I will continue to make my dream come true.

What I do?

Manage a Non Profit

I started 'Team Everest,' an NGO focussed on promoting volunteering and providing education in 2006. I have quit my corporate career in 2014 and have started working full time in Social sector.

Promote CSR

With 12 years of CSR experience, I work with 50+ Corporates, SMBs & startups in promoting volunteering. I help set their CSR goals, build CSR Strategy and help implement their CSR programs.


I share my Volunteering journey in various places which includes Corporates, Colleges & Schools to inspire young minds to volunteer and give back to the society.

How can I help?

Volunteering Opportunities

Looking for opportunities to Volunteer? Sign up as a volunteer here and I will mail you various volunteering opportunities through out the year. You can pick & choose when and where to volunteer.

Volunteering opportunities includes volunteering from home, office or beneficiary place. 

Promote Volunteering

I strongly believe in Volunteering and want to promote volunteering in India. If you want to promote volunteering within your corporate or want your college or school students to volunteer, I can help you. 

Feel free to reach out to me.


iVolunteer Hero

Was awarded I-Volunteer , Volunteer hero award for the year 2013.

Best Person of the Year 2010 - By Puthia Thalaimurai Magazine

Selected as the best person of the year 2010 by Puthia Thalaimurai magazine.

Outstanding Volunteer

Nominated as ‘Outstanding Volunteer 2011’ by Cognizant 
Outreach and invited to ring the NASDAQ Bell along with 
Cognizant CEO.

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Featured in

My work has been featured in many leading newspapers and magazines.

Featured in

My work has been featured in many leading newspapers and magazines.