My fulfilled silly desires @ US

10.04.13 10:38 PM By Kartheeban Chandramohan

Dear friends,

As promised, I’m listing down the silly desires which I fulfilled in New York:

1) Many asked about my childhood role model, which I mentioned in my mail before I leave India. It is none other than Abraham Lincoln. I still remember the story of Lincoln, where he walks 6 miles to borrow books to read! Immediately I got down from the flight in Newark liberty international airport, USA, when my foot touched the US soil, I looked at the sky and saluted the country for giving one of the great leader and my childhood role model! The person near me gave me a different look. But, who cares? He didn’t know that for the first time in my life, I’m in the country of my childhood hero!

2) I gave my second salute towards sky for another hero this country has given us, who revolutionized the entire world with his operating system. Yes, it is the one and only Bill Gates! There may be a lot of controversies on Bill Gates growth. But I always admire for the size of dream he had! How many of us will dare to dream to have a computer in every home, when computers were of room size and you can still use it to do simple addition and multiplication? I have read his biography and those who have read about him can understand the depth of his dream! It is the salute for this man for the great dream he had!

3) I always believe it is music which keeps me alive, which keeps me calm, which keeps me thinking, which makes me research myself, which tells me what life is all about! Without music, life for me would have become very tough in this world! So, after reaching my room, I decided to hear a melody song of the great maestro Ilaiyaraja. He is yet another genius who made revolutions in Tamil film industry with his heart touching music.

So, the first song I heard was ‘Ilam Katru vesudhey’ from the movie Pithamagan. After hearing the song, I opened the window in my room to look at the view there. Instead of getting amazed at the tall buildings put up there, my mind was still thinking about Ilaiyaraja’s music. The big tall buildings looked too small for me in front of Ilaiyaraja’s music! Hats off maestro!

4) I didn’t forget to hear A.R.Rahman songs too! The first ARR song which I heard in New York was ‘Velai pookal’ song from the film ‘Kannathil muthamittal’. Fantastic! No wonder in which part of the country you listen this song. You can relate to his music and the lyrics. The song is all about ‘World peace’.

I even took a biography book on ARR along with me which I read in New York. Simply superb. It is his pure hard work and dedication to music which took him to greater heights. Hats off to his mother who has lost her husband at a very early stage, with her will power and dedication sacrificed her life for the well being of their children. Once, I finished reading his biography, I Just remembered the words uttered by ARR in the Oscar stage – ‘All my life, I had a choice of hate and love. I chose love, and I’m here’.

5) Being a book lover, how can I miss the opportunity of reading Vairamuthu’s book when I’m in New York. The book I read this time was ‘Indha Pookkal Virppanaikkalla’. I always wonder, how he is able to do magic with words. Simply superb. Enjoyed reading this book during my stay in New York!

6) My next silly desire was to see India while I’m in US! I just opened the world map and put my eye balls on India for few minutes. India looked more beautiful than ever!

7) My another silly desire was to read one of my famous Tirukkural 

The meaning of first line is that ‘Is there a lock to keep the love locked in this world?’. I’m wondering how come the poet Tiruvalluvar has foreseen it and written these lines 2000 years back!

What I have listed above may look very silly. In my short stay of 5 days in New York, I might have invested my time in doing other things rather than what I have listed above. But happiness is not dependent on where you are, but on what you do wherever you are! I just did the things which I loved through out my life!

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