Give Peace a Chance – 9/11

08.06.13 06:59 PM By Kartheeban Chandramohan

Dear friends,

This post is delayed by 2 years. But, decided that I should post this on one of the Sep-11th. And time has come to post this article.

2 years back (That is in 2010), I got an opportunity to go to US to ring the NADAQ bell. It was a one week trip.

Actually, I got only 1 full day to roam around New York since on other days, there was a snow storm. Though friends suggested to visit other spots in New York, I decided to visit the WTC. It is worth visiting it.

Through this picture blog, let me take you there to the ‘Tribute WTC center’:

Note: Click on the image to get a better and clearer picture

Construction was going on in the place where there were twin towers before Sep-11, 2001. Heart broke when I saw empty spaces in mid of other tall buildings. How tragic the terrorist attach should have been!

You can see the below banner which tells you the way for ’9/11 Memorial preview site’. There they had models on what they are planning to construct in the place where twin towers were earlier!

Opposite to the site was the WTC Tribute center. This is were I spent more than 3 hours that day!

Videos of those who died on 9/11 was playing in a big LCD TV

The real life stories kept for display for younger generation to know about the ill of Terrorism

Those ‘Missing’ Posters….

The ‘Incident’ which killed thousands of lives!

Some of the left overs

List of people who dies on 9/11 ….

Photos of people who lost their lives… A room full of pictures

Messages from kids across USA after 9/11.. We call it as ‘HOPE’.

Those touching pictures of survivors…

After 9/11, Volunteering in US have considerably increased!

There was a drop box kept there where you can put your message of peace or pay tribute to those who lost their lives. Below is a card from a kid.

What I have written 2 years back and dropped it in the box in New York…

Some more statistics…

Few more cards from the kids:

This is inside the 9/11 Memorial Preview site where they had models on what they are planning to construct in the place where twin towers were earlier!

Finally, I dropped $5 in the box for building the memorial

And, when I come out of the memorial, this is what I saw. How true it is:

‘War has never worked. Give Peace a Chance’.

And thanks for those grandmas who are volunteers and spreading this message to the public.

I felt more happy visiting this memorial than visiting any tourists spots. This place is filled with emotions. Even after 2 years, I was able to recollect most of the things and put it in this blog post.

Many thanks should go to the US Government who had put in a lot of efforts to maintain this memorial so that the younger generation gets to know about how US has come forward after a huge terrorist attack. It is a symbol of hope. It is a symbol of courage. It is a symbol of ‘Need for Peace’.

Not many will get a chance to see this memorial. I hope through this blog post, I got an opportunity to create awareness about the human tragedy happened in US.

Let us remember… ‘War has never worked. Give Peace a chance’. Whether it is between countries or within a relationship.