An Ode to Samsung Galaxy Note 2

08.08.15 11:50 PM By Kartheeban Chandramohan

I called it as my darling. My wife hates me when I  do so! It is one of the best friends I ever had in my life.  Yes, it is Samsung Galaxy Note 2. 

I bought it in 2012. It stayed with me for close to 3 years – Both during the good and bad times. 

It helped me reach out to thousands of Team Everest volunteers – asked them to volunteer by giving their time or money. 

It helped me in coordinating and run 10 free study centers in 10 villages of Tiruvannamalai Dt, helping 900 kids. 

It helped me in getting bicycles for students from rural area who walk a minimum of 3 Kms a day to reach schools.

 It helped me in converting our home in Arni to Mom Dad Community center which  benefits 500 children a year. 

It helped me to take farewell pic with my friend and mentors when they left the organization where I worked.

 It helped me record when Mr. Neil Bush spoke about me in Washington D.C 

It gave a face to the quotes that I write.. 

Every time, there was a special occasion  at our home, it  used to be a part of the celebration.

 I recorded my mom school farewell video using it. She passed away 4 months after that speech.

 May-2, 2013, 6.00AM – I got a call from my brother. I picked up my phone. He told that my father is no more. I used the same phone to coordinate with Theni Medical college to donate his body for the medical college so that the students can use his body to study during  lab hours. 

When I quit my job in Dec-2014, all those ‘All the Best’ messages and calls were received  through my Samsung Galaxy Note-2.

 In 2015, when I was searching for those 100 parentless and single parented kids to sponsor for their education, my phone was my robot. I would stand in the middle of a road, click a photo of a hut, email it, take  call from a sponsor and whatsap the child’s picture for background verification.

 It did everything for me. It was with me during my good and bad times. During those 3 years with me, it worked even after I slept (Would download something or the other for me.) 

It reminded me about my meetings and mobile bill payments. 

One fine day, it stopped working. I rebooted it, gave it in a service center. But the efforts went in vein. I could not bring it back to life. The game  was over. 

My darling is no more with me. I do not want to cremate it. So, it silently hibernates inside my desk. I’m still working now but without my darling.

Good friends are those who spend valuable amount of their time with you, helping you out or having fun. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 did the same with me. It’s just that it doesn’t have a soul. It was with me all the time helping me day in and day out.

Just because it doesn’t have a soul means we shouldn’t respect and care for it?

I take this opportunity to Thank you my darling for being with me. Thank you Samsung for making Note-2 part of my life. It really helped improve my productivity and helped me do things which I want to do in my life. 

I will miss my ‘Darling’ forever irrespective, of whichever smartphone I buy in future. Bye.