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What I did after quitting my job?

22.07.15 03:33 PM By Kartheeban Chandramohan - Comment(s)

It’s been 6 months since I have quit my full time corporate job. My last working day as a full time corporate employee was on Dec-31, 2014.

After which, I was working 5 days a month for part time in the same corporate. I quit that as well by May-2015.

So, I have spent the past 6 months in the are...

Marriage with a difference

07.04.13 04:35 PM By Kartheeban Chandramohan - Comment(s)

I think, its marriage season now. I’m getting at least 3 marriage invitations every week. Few are my good friends and many are those who know me through Everest. It’s interesting to get invitation from those whom I have never met. Thanks to all those who invited me for their marriage. Unfortunately,...