Do you know my full name? It is 52 characters long!

20.07.20 02:07 PM By Team Everest

Do you know my real name? It is

Kartheeba Kandeeba Kathirava Prasanna Deepan Chakravarthy

Yes, it is 6 words and 52 characters long. There is an interesting back story to this name. Our diety God name is ‘Kamatchi Amman’ and our family wants to name me with names starting with ‘Ka’.

Thus ‘Kartheeba’, ‘Kandeeba’, ‘Kathirava’ was born.

Some of our relatives want to name me differently without following the ‘Ka’ rule.

Thus ‘Prasanna’, ‘Deepan’ & ‘Chakravarthy’ was born.

There was a chaos among relatives on which name to finalise. In order to please all our relatives, my parents decided to combine all the names and named me as

Kartheeba Kandeeba Kathirava Prasanna Deepan Chakravarthy

My friends use to play tongue twister, memory game using my name. Looking back, it is so much fun now. My name story didn't end there.

I’m passionate about Cricket and I have noticed that all cricketers have two names (First Name & last Name). In order to make my name look stylish when I join the Indian Cricket team, I added ‘Raghul’ to it while studying 8th std.

And, I became ‘Kartheeba Kandeeba Kathirava Prasanna Raghul Deepan Chakravarthy

When my parents approached school for my admission, the school told that this name is too big (Difficult to put in attendance in one row) and asked to shorten it.

That’s how I became ‘Kartheeban’.

After marriage, I decided to add my wife’s name to my name. (Check the full story here)

Finally, I’m Karthee Vidya now.

So, next time when you call me, what name are you going to call me by? 😂