A marriage with a difference!

14.12.13 04:16 PM By Kartheeban Chandramohan

Dear friends,

Happy to inform you all that I got married to Vidya on Nov 22, 2013 and joined the ‘Married Men’ club :). Thanks for hundreds of wishes on facebook, SMS and Whatsapp :).  It’s those wishes which makes such moments more special. I wrote a blog post with name ‘Marriage with a Difference’ few years back and I always wanted to do something special during my marriage.

Thought, I can share few things that I was able to execute during my marriage so that it can inspire others and they can plan to do few good deeds during their marriage:

Printed a wedding card which is of visiting card size to save paper. We got a good response from all the people to whom we distributed it. Very happy about it.One side of the card was used to communicate details about marriage and the other side was used to spread kindness :).

Distributed 200 Plant Saplings during marriage

I love reading books. So, donated a free book in the bag (Thambulam Bag) that we give once the marriage gets over. Gave away 400 books overall 

Ensured that there are no plastic cups and bottles provided during food time in Marriage hall. We bought them paper cups for distribution and prevented the usage of 1000+ plastic cups and bottles during marriage.

For all those who attended our marriage got a social message for them. It is – ‘12/365 – Volunteer atleast once a month’. This message was put up prominently at 

The entrance of marriage hall

In the main stage

Printed on the bag (Thambulam Bag) that we gave at the end of marriage

Arranged for a sweet treat for all kids studying in our home which we call as ‘Pallavaram Study Center’. It’s fun celebrating special days with kids! (Recently, one of my friends called me for taking orphanage kids to her friend reception as a surprise gift. The kids had a great time in marriage hall and a rare good food too!)

I strongly believe, life is all about ‘Giving’. We can celebrate all good and bad in our life by ‘Giving’. It will make us feel happy and make someone else happy too.

Karthee is now ‘Karthee Vidya’

I saw my mom writing her name as ‘Lakshmi Mohan’ very often. She took great pride and happiness in adding her husband name near her name, like many other girls in this country do.

From today, I would like to be called as ‘Karthee Vidya’ instead of just ‘Kartheeban’ so that she becomes my better half in my name too.

Hope the name sounds better and sweet now :).

We thought that we should do small kindness acts during our marriage which can be easily replicated by others without much support required from social service organizations. Thus, chosen those ideas which any one can do during their special days in their life.

Let us keep helping others in every opportunity possible.

Thank you again for everyone’s support and wishes. From now on, we will volunteer as a family and give our best to the society.

Stay in touch – www.facebook.com/kartheevidya

Happy volunteering! Happy making a difference!