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Do you know my full name? It is 52 characters long!

20.07.20 02:07 PM By Team Everest - Comment(s)

Do you know my real name? It is

Kartheeba Kandeeba Kathirava Prasanna Deepan Chakravarthy

Yes, it is 6 words and 52 characters long. There is an interesting back story to this name. Our diety God name is ‘Kamatchi Amman’ and our family wants to name me with names starting with ‘Ka’.

Thus ‘Kartheeba’, ‘...

Lets Give Challenge - 1st Salary after 5 Years!

06.05.20 02:06 PM By Team Everest - Comment(s)

I worked in Cognizant for 8 years. I’m passionate about Volunteering and my vision is to inspire every Indian to volunteer.

So, I quit my job 5 years back on Dec 31, 2014 and decided to do full time volunteering.

Today, Team Everest NGO works with 40,000+ children with the help of 15,000 volunteers. D...