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What I did after quitting my job?

22.07.15 03:33 PM By Kartheeban Chandramohan - Comment(s)

It’s been 6 months since I have quit my full time corporate job. My last working day as a full time corporate employee was on Dec-31, 2014.

After which, I was working 5 days a month for part time in the same corporate. I quit that as well by May-2015.

So, I have spent the past 6 months in the are...

Smile 100 - Let's create 100 smiles in 2015!

23.01.15 09:04 PM By Kartheeban Chandramohan - Comment(s)

Hi friends,

As you are aware, one of the key initiatives that we are planning to launch in 2015 is the Team Everest ‘Smile 100’ initiative.

The idea behind this initiative is to provide best of the best education to the poorest of the poor in our country (India).

We strongly believe that ‘Quality Educ...