An inspiring Banyan Tree..

10.03.17 07:01 AM By Kartheeban Chandramohan

On the way to my meeting venue, I saw a Banyan tree with a message board in front of it.

I’m sharing the message written in front of this tree below: 

“This 70 year old banyan tree was transplanted from Padiri Village, located 60Km from here. The branches were chopped and the tree was uprooted to make way for putting up a structure in the village. Even in the uprooted condition, the tree showed no sign of giving up and started bearing green shoots giving signal it wants to live. 

Six months after it was chopped, the rehabilitated tree was transplanted in the present upright position. It has started growing again giving the message


After reading the message, I was dumbstruck. Someone has put great efforts to transport and maintain this tree with the only intention to motivate others.


Wow! Hats off to that person and their attitude. What a nice innovative way to motivate someone. 

I wonder how this world would look like if we often see these kinds of inspiring things in our day to day life.

 Thanks to the tree for inspiring me and to the person who wants to motivate others. This world is beautiful because of people like him and stories like this. - KartheeVidya Volunteer


P.S-1: If you are in Chennai and wish to see this tree, you can visit ‘Estancia Township’ in Guduvanchery. 

P.S-2: If you would like to volunteer with Team Everest India NGO to educate children by giving time or money, whatsapp with your name to +91 89399 12365. Keep making this world beautiful!